Main Panel Upgrades

SKAY Electricians is the leading electrical services contracting business offering electrical panel upgrades in South Gate. Being a top rated electrical services company, we offer the best services to ensure our customers stay connected. For the upgrade of the electrical panel, we shall advise you on the best panel size and the right panel to handle more amperage. Our electrical panel installation electricians are well experienced and possess the right skills enabling them to offer the best services. To upgrade the older electrical panels and ensure modern panels are installed, contact us today. we will inspect the current electrical panel, advise you whether it is the upgrade you need or just simple panel repairs and provide you a written estimate for the electrical panel upgrade/repair.

Smoke Detector Installation

SKAY Electricians allows you peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted smoke detector installer. Our professionals have worked on different projects and achieved great success with every installation. We can tackle all smoke detector installation projects ranging from big or small projects. We shall help you to choose the best brands and advise you on the right positioning of the smoke detector. At SKAY Electricians we have certified smoke detector installation tradesmen with the ability to design, install and offer maintenance of the smoke detectors. With the rapidly changing technologies, we also ensure that we stay abreast on the latest smoke detectors to be able to serve you better. For free quotes on installation of smoke detectors, contact SKAY Electricians today.

Remodeling and New Installations

SKAY Electricians offers electrical remodeling and installation of new electrical components. From simple to complex rewiring projects, you can count on SKAY Electricians for best quality services. Our technical team is always ready to undertake the projects while ensuring we deliver top quality services. We shall also advise you on the simple ways you can save energy around your home through replacing the old electrical components with modern technology to ensure savings on utility bills. Contact us today and enjoy best-fit electrical installations.

24 Hours Troubleshooting and Repairs

Do not electrical faults keep you in darkness? Contact SKAY Electricians for emergency electrical repairs. We are a 24/7 electrical services contractor in the South Gate area. We have our mobile teams strategically located in different places within South Gate who shall respond to your requests promptly.